Round 2, part 1


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Getting Things Done Around The House With Twin Toddlers

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A Mom Asks: 

“Please help! One of my 2 year old twins seems to have lost interest in eating all together. He won’t even touch his favorite foods. He just smashes and throws it all over the place. Then later on, he’ll cry because he’s hungry… but won’t eat. The pediatrician says he’s fine, but I not convinced. How do I persuade a toddler that he can’t subsist on thin air? How do I get him to eat?”

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“Does anybody else have twins who aren’t overly interested in each other? My girls are in fourth grade now, and they each have their own separate group of friends. Totally different personalities and interests. It makes me a bit sad that they’re not the best friends that they’re supposed to be. Has anybody else felt this way? Should I encourage them to do more things together?”

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How My Marriage Almost Didn’t Survive the Newborn Twin Stage

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“Is it worth the money to get a Table for Two? I’ve heard mixed reviews. It would be nice to feed the twinkies at the same time… but I’m wondering if we’ll even use it enough to justify the hefty price tag. Thoughts?”

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Exclusively Pumping for Twins: The hardest 7 months of my life

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Why do I still look pregnant? It could be Diastasis Recti.

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“All of this talk about sleep habits has me thinking. At what age did you move your little ones into separate rooms? Did they sleep better apart, or did they miss each other? I’m trying to plan ahead, as I know that my G/G/B trio can’t stay together forever.”

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The Struggle is Real for Working Moms

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Gentle Sleep Coaching for Twins from The Sleep Lady, Kim West


Two and Through

I always wanted two kids. My wish came true all at once, when I found out that I was having twins! Amazing. Wonderful. So blessed. I absolutely love being a twin mommy. It’s a unique adventur…

Source: Two and Through

Two and Through

I always wanted two kids. My wish came true all at once, when I found out that I was having twins! Amazing. Wonderful. So blessed.

I absolutely love being a twin mommy. It’s a unique adventure that not everybody gets to experience.


What I didn’t stop to think about at first, though, is that when you’re thinking “two and through,” every first is also a last. One first Christmas. One first day of school. One first trip to the zoo.

It’s a strange notion. Double the joy. Half as many occasions to look forward to. I love and hate it, in equal measure.

My little men are now closing in on their second birthday. It’s bittersweet. They really aren’t babies anymore. They will never be babies again. Since we only want two kids, I suddenly realize that I’ll never get to experience the baby phase again. 😥

Two newborns. Two babies. Two toddlers. On and on time marches. I find myself pondering its passage as my two beautiful children go through each stage together.


In some ways, I think that this is an advantage. Yes, yes, two kids and only one pregnancy. Only one postpartum recovery period. True. You only go through the rough phases once. The same holds true, though, for the joyous ones.

I treasure every moment of my children’s development. But unlike parents who have one at a time, I only get to experience it once. And then it’s over.

The upside of all this, though? They will always have each other. They will have somebody there to love, fight with, and understand whatever life throws at them. They will continue to grow up together. That’s a beautiful thing!


Okay, mommy. Pull yourself together! You’ve got a birthday party to plan! 🙂

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When the Judgey Mom is… You

We’ve all seen them. Judgmental mommies. Sanctimommies. Don’t you hate them? Yeah. Me too.


What about that horrible moment when you realize that the horrible holier-than-thou mommy… is you? Yes. You. We all judge sometimes. Admit it.

Here’s my side of the story. Quite defensible, I think. You be the (GASP!) judge. I was alone with my 18 month old twins. Took them out for dinner, because kids eat free on Tuesdays. The place is always mobbed with kids… and there are only 4 high chairs in the whole place! Tons of booster seats available.

I was only able to get one high chair… for twins who are too small for booster seats. I’m alone. I’m tired and hungry. There’s nowhere to feed my kids. That’s when I saw her. A mother is sitting nearby, using a high chair for a kid who had to be at least 4 years old!


I was LIVID! Seriously? Did she not see the dozens of available booster seats? What about saving the high chairs for people who need them, lady? Hmmmm?

I bit my tongue, but must admit to shooting her dirty looks. I’m going to burn a laser beam through your head using only my powers of mommy rage! I’m pretty sure that she noticed me… My hungry children had now begun to cry. Yeah. We’re invisible.

Begrudgingly, I put my less squirrelly baby on my lap, and tried to make this work. Yes, I admit to passive-aggressive mumbling under my breath about the absence of high chairs. Yes, you, lady. Your big kid can sit in the damn chair!

Then something happened. The big kid had… an incident. Caused a big scene. The whole restaurant turned to stare. The mother was clearly humiliated. She left without even finishing her own food.

And me? I was left feeling like the scummiest person alive. How did I not consider that the child might have special needs? Horrible, judgemental me. Angry at another mother who, just like me, was doing the best she could in the moment.

This time, the judgmental mommy was me. Lesson learned. To that other mommy… I’ll probably never see you again. But I’m so SO sorry. If I do see you again, I’ll help you carry your things to the table… while you grab the last high chair.


The 4 Letter Word M.o.M. Will NEVER Say: What to do if She Actually Says it

Do you love somebody who has twins, triplets, or more? Have them yourself? Then you should know one thing. There’s a word that a M.o.M. (mother of multiples) will never say.


Let’s talk about this one seemingly simple little 4-letter word. It’s spelled H-E-L-P. She won’t say it. Like, ever. She’s Super Mom. Really, she’s got this. Except when she doesn’t.

If the time comes when she does utter the H word, get there right now. In fact, get there 5 minutes ago. It’s THAT bad. If she just asked, it means she’s been resisting doing so for hours, days, even months. Everyone has their limit. Even Super Mom.


Go get your ass over there. You haven’t eaten or had your coffee yet? Neither has she. Pick something up for both of you on your way over. You haven’t showered yet? Still in pajamas? Yeah. Her too. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Just get there.

When you get there, don’t wait to be asked. Just start cleaning up. Feed a baby. Send M.o.M. off to take a shower or nap.

If she chose you of all people to call, be honored that she feels comfortable enough with you to swallow her pride. You’re likely to wander into a battle scene. You may step on decaying Cheerios. You may find her ugly crying on the floor next to the crib. Or worst of all, you may walk into a scene where all seems to be under control. Don’t buy it for a second. She’s still in need of… okay, I’ll say it… help.

She will never admit just how much she needs the love and support of her friends and family. So please, if she says the H word, know that she’s desperate. She’d do the same for you! That’s love.